Legion Of the Dracolich

Name: Legion Of the Dracolich
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: This Household is not a fighting house. We are a household to help better the field we play in, by helping out the people of the park in any way shape or form. We Are a bunch of people that care a lot about Amtgard and our park, We will not Let it fall or be destroyed.So like the mighty Dracolich lets resurrect our kingdom from the ashes.


Member Role Title
Balst Member
Braveliver McFearce Member
Brufin The Pain Killer Member
Karis Member
Lady Squire Airess Halar Member
Reaper Grimm Member
Sadad Belbanes Member
Sir Manthax Halar Captain Founder
The Caveman Member
Zypher Lockjaw Member