Night Frights

Name: Night Frights
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Composed of Mercenaries, Please send any inquiries to Captain LeRue of Midnight Sun. In the meantime if any fighter company is in need of greater numbers or a specialized unit please feel free to contact Captain LeRue. We are based in EH in the Duchy of Midnight Sun and would be glad to assist.
History: Officially put on the ORK and therefore into the realm of Amtgard on November 28th 2013. Founded by Lucian Thorir and LeRue D\'Mort.


Member Role Title
Astar Colten Member Warrior
Kyren Elasia Lord Lieutenant
Lucian Thorir Captain Thane
Mommor Sommerska Member The Night Mother
Petrus Member Warrior
Ronin Shi Member Warrior
Scrumbuggy Member Warrior
Xadens Cudda Berrah Member Warrior