Legio XV Ventus Arboris Aquilae

Name: Legio XV Ventus Arboris Aquilae
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Fifteenth Legion of Windtree Keep. All company members are also active members of the Shire of Windtree Keep in the Kingdom of NeverWinter. Sigil is an Eagle The company focuses on both fighting and magic skills.
History: Founded with 15 original members in the Summer of 2013 during Windtree's first term of existence.


Member Role Title
Ailwolf Von Krippen Member Immune (Support)
Bumblebeard Member Legionary
Fithindel Ormwyrd Member Vexillarius
General (Baronet) Tiberius Mercadius Veras Captain Founder/General
Grimr Von Krippen Member Centurion
Josin Member Legionary
MaA Relyt (Longtail) Member Legionary
Oraen Darkseer Member Sagittarii (Archer)
Quennelle Tallia LaFontain Member Legionary
Thyri Ravenchilde Member Optio