Seeds of Change

Name: Seeds of Change
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Seeds of Change is about positivity. It is about making the fun of Amtgard that everyone felt when they first played a regular thing.\r\n\r\nA member of the house is committed to:\r\n- being positive\r\n- encouraging others\r\n- actively being approachable by newer players\r\n- modeling the changes we want to see in the game
History: Process: A committee of leaders will be elected each year. Anyone can put a name forward for consideration and weigh in. Anyone can petition to join the household. \r\n The committee will vote. Simple majority brings the player into the household. All these votes will be done online.\r\n\r\nMarkings: The heraldry of the house is dandelion fluff (any color) on a field of sky blue and grass green. It indicates us being scattered all over and spreading positivity and ideally being the seed that changes the culture of the game.


Member Role Title
Henry Greatwing de Mercades Captain Founder & Archivist
Lord Brod Spellsword Member black
Nerini Member black
Orpheus Faeron Member black
Prada Lord Founder & Senor
Randelyn filia Bastet Member black
Seran \'A Imith Member black
Tungdil Bjornson Member white
Zwik Member black