Gawad Taur

Name: Gawad Taur
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Put simply, we are a household of Rangers. The goal of Gawad Taur is to train it's members in the ways of wilderness survival. As such, we will set up days entitled to long hikes, camping, training essential survival skills, etc. There will be skill tests, that require passing before one can move up in rank within the household, the first of which will be a physical test involving a trail blazing hike. Completion of this test will rank you as an initiate. Not yet a Ranger, you will be unable to bear the groups crest, but the uniform wool cloak will be available to you. As an initiate you will have full freedom to join in on training days, camping days, and other such events. In order to become a Ranger, one must complete the Crucible. The Crucible is a three day, rough camping trip in which the first day consists of preparing the campsite, the second day consists of a trailblazing hike, and the third day consists of the breaking down of camp, and then a full day of Amtgard. Rules for camping will be explained to the initiates before the trip takes place. Certain awards will be given in the form of feathers for accomplishing tasks that further ones experience and skills, and accomplishing deeds worthy of recognition. Groups sent out on treks will do so in what will be called packs. Within this pack there will be one alpha. Group decisions will be largely diplomatic, but an alpha will have the final word. Alphas will more often than not, be one who has more field experience within the group. Entry into this group will be on an invite and request only, meaning, people may request entry into the group, but will have to pass our physical test, and be accepted by the heads of the house. Not all requests will be accepted. Invitations will be handled in a similar manner. The test will still be required. A large portion of what this groups goals are, and how ranking systems will work has yet to be decided. Feel 100% free to offer up any ideas or constructive criticisms you may have. It will help the group grow.


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