House Draconis

Name: House Draconis
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Formed to uphold family values of honor, family and skill, the members of House Draconis strive to show these traits\r\nnot only within the Amtgard world but within\r\nevery day life. We strive to make sure all of our members have the tools they need to thrive in this game we all enjoy.
History: Kellthar Ironbeard, Ilyana Vidictus and Draggo Vindictus founded the House Draconis in the late summer/ early Autumn of 2013 in Ironwood. They gathered friends and family together to become something special. The ranks grew greatly and people have come to see Draconis as THE service House in the Wetlands. \r\n\r\nWherever there is a service need to be had, House Draconis will take care of it.


Member Role Title
Artin Rynn Member Crimson Moon
Balthazar Member Inactive
Baron Rook Hightower Member Granite Spyre
Berric Member Celestial Kingdom
Bunni of ironwood Member
Caim Bloodwyrm Member Mordengard-Head Council
Candi Forsaken Member
Daimyo Shimazu Sasaki Member Rivermoor
Dame Anyanka Goldmoon Member
Del Member
Draggo Vindictus Lord
Emberlynn Evergreen Member Inactive
Fenrik Vindictus Member
Firanae Westcraven Member Bloodwyrm Haven
Godric Greywolf Member Crimson Moon
Gream Vindictus Member
Greasy Bear Atticus Russell Potato-Goldmoon Member Mordengaard
Groo-nin Member Stormwall
Ilyana Vindictus Lord
Jasmine Member Inactive
Jawa Utini Wyngarde Member
Killeree Member Emerald Hills
Kushiel Westcraven Grimwolf Leviathan of Iron Member Inactive
Lady Ravenna DeLoki Member Crimson Moon
Laurell Sylverling Member Apprentice
Lord Erin Forsaken Member
Lord Gremio DeLoki Member Crimson Moon
Loxy Member
Maeve Wanderlost Member
Magni Member Inactive
Mama Kass Member Blood Wyrm Haven
Millie Member
Mishka Thundervoice Member Raven\\\'s Hollow
Monkey Butt Member Little Trainee
Mrugee Member
Neo Member Initiate- EH
Niiro Steelfang Member Inactive
Pein Dragon Member Initiate-SFA
Raylie Silverrose Member Blood Wyrm Haven
Royce Ad Astra Member CK-Nocturnis
Samuel Ironblood Member Raven\'s Hollow
Seamus McDade Member
Singalia Abelian von Fibonacci Member
Sir Badger Member Crimson Moon
Sir Thara Alexandria Landcrest I Member
Sober Summerfrost Member SFA
Stinkerbelle Member Little Trainee
Stormcrow Giggleshadows, the Relentless Member
Surreall McLeod Member Celestial Kingdom
Thresis Member
Tifa Landcrest Member Inactive
Tripp one of none Member
Ulrich Wardrum Member Inactive
Vince Splatterguts Member Inactive
Violet Muerte Southpaw Member
Yenshi Blackblood Member Inactive
Yik (Yikrenz) Member