House Beer

Name: House Beer
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House Beer was founded in 1998…um, 1997? Mighta been 1996…I'm not really sure (You see, I was pretty drunk at the time…) by Vigus N'Thrack Darkjester, Blackthorn Caelich and Hayden Jadrael
History: New Members are inducted every Springwar before the Amtgard famous Beer Olympics. The initiation ritual is brutal and varies from year to year. But the rewards for the house are well worth it. Ask any member about joining and find out if you have what it takes.


Member Role Title
Blackthorn Caelich Member Founder
Bob the Ogre Member
Brenethor Ironfist Member
Clover Member
Count Sir Loptr Member
Dagney Member
Greasy Goldmoon Member
Hayden Member Founder
Hertug Sir Bromhir Ethindale-Tannon, The High Ringgiver Member
Kite Member
Medryn Member
Micah Helstaven Member
Muerte Member
NoTalk Member
Qualin Two-Moons Member
Scarlet Member
Seamus Member
Shady Member
Shon McGregor Member
Sir Arthon of the Golden City Member
Sir Crom Ironwolf Member
Sir Queball Ironwolf Member
Sir Zachry Ironwolf Member
Sponge Jimmykicker Member
Takko Member
Vidar Member
Vigus Nethrac fatbelly Lord Founder
Wolves Hammerfall Member