Broken Hearts

Name: Broken Hearts
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: We are a Service House Hold...with a little Mayhem in play to. Loyalty,honestly,friendship,Honor,and working towards the greater good for our land and Kingdom. My heraldry is my Blue tunic with the Heart and 3 roses coming out of it you can find it on my Profile page on Facebook. Thank you
History: I formed My House hold back when I started Amtgard over 13 years ago. I just recently started adding new members.


Member Role Title
Adalia/ Reetah Member Little Beat
Azrael The Wrath oF God Member Little Beat
Dezmon Von Mainland Lord Founder
Griffon Darkangel Member Little Beat
Kalietha Member Little Beat
Lady Aurora, Huntress of the Mist Member Lady
Penguin Member LT
Pork Chop Member LT
Uehara Marisa Member Little Beat