Name: Stark
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: 1. The Pack is your Family. Honor them, love them, and respect them. 2. Black Marsh is our home! Defend it to the death if necessary.....But Starks don't die easily. 3. We serve the Kingdom of The Rising Winds. Not it's King/Queen. Same applys to Black Marsh. 4. Pack Leaders (Combat leaders): Teach the wolves. 5. Wolves (Vets or those who have shown great loyalty and service to the Pack): You are to protect and teach the cubs. 6. Cubs (Iniciates): You are to serve the Pack and grow into a strong and respectable wolf. 7. Great Wolves (Generals and advisors to the Dire Wolf/Alpha: You are second only to the Dire Wolf (Alpha). You are his/her voice and fangs. You are Leaders and Enforcers of their will. However you are also the voice of the pack. Sevice to them comes first. 8. Dire Wolf (Alpha): Leads the pack and is to be addressed by the Great Wolves and Wolves before they discipline or reward the cubs. 9. Alphas are any who lead House Stark not born of Stark Blood or are adopted into the family. They are just as respected and have all of the same powers. But they can not recieve Dire Wolf as a title. 10.House colors and garb are as follows Cubs: Blue Tabard with grey/silver trim. Wolves: Blue Tunic with the House Stark Wolf sigil upon it in Black. Pack Leaders: Same as Wolves with black wolf paws on the shoulders. Nights Watch: Black Tunic or Cloak with white Nights Watch emblem (brother Milo has the inseignia) Great Wolves: Same as Wolves but with grey sigil instead. Dire Wolf/Alpha: Blue tunic with grey trim and a grey Leaping Dire Wolf sigil with grey paws on the shoulders. 10. What is said in the Pack stays in the pack. PERIOD!!! 11. Honor 12. Trust 13. Loyalty 14. Good Sportsmenship 15. And Respect are the traits and behaviors that will be expected of you. "FOR THE PACK!!!" House Master Dire Wolf Lord Talon Stark of Black Marsh
History: Our House was formed on July 22nd of 2012. We are a house dedicated to the protection of the people of the Rising Winds (or whatever Kingdom you hail from) and our parks. We however do not serve their leaders wills. Only the will of the people. We are also a recruitment house for The Night's Watch (which should be formed and ready by June of 2013) Our Current House Lord and Lady are Lord Talon Stark of Black Marsh and his wife Relina Stark of Black Marsh. We look forward to you joining our cause and our family. "For The Pack!"


Member Role Title
Blissful Lace Member Wolf
Draco NoShadow Member Wolf
Lord Skippy Skipsalot Member Great Wolf
Lord Talon Stark Baratheon Member Dire Wolf
Malachai Olcaravzia-Snow Member Wolf
Master Zabor thee Dragon Rider Member Wolf
Milo Lagallow Member Great/Alpha Wolf
Relina Member Wolf
Zombie Member Wolf