Name: Narthania
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: House Narthania is a think tank for persona's and a table top rpg set in the world of Narthania where ampgard persona's are welcome to get a second life in the rpg setting.Others have started in the games and joined amtgard as the persona from narthania
History: Narthaina games have been going on sence 1991 once using the LOC system now it is all in house rules. House Narthania has no set "Field" presence however some amtgard members use their rpg persona's as amtgard persona's haling from the lands and creatures of Narthania and vice verca.


Member Role Title
August Leaf Kicker Member
Hawkthorn Member
Liricia Member
Raist Member
Shadowmere Shadow Silverlock Member
Torun Member
Xakariel Member