Crimson Wind

Name: Crimson Wind
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: "To serve and defend." We are a household based in Dragonspine dedicated to serving and defending others. We encourage service in all aspects of amtgard including going to fighter practice, serving at feasts, cleaning up the park, etc. We help newbies into the game by helping them make weapons, garb and teaching them to fight. We try to educate those who wish to learn more about the game and how it works. We also encourage roleplaying and are willing to help our members and newbies to develop their persona. We welcome all personas, all classes, all races, all religons. We also work as a group and are committed to doing so in every asoect of amtgard. If you wish to join please contact Raven. Tell us why you wish to join the house and we will review your email then notify you with our decision. Currently we are only accepting members from Dragonspine proper and it's chapters. Sister household to Gordun.
History: House started on November 3, 2006 Raven made Man-at-Arms to Sir Randall Andalsa, January 20, 2007 Tidus, Raven, Puggy and Cyprian made GM of Monsters, Scouts, Monks and Bards respectively. April-May 2007


Member Role Title
Aeonik Member
Caveman Member ally
Morrza Felbin Laqueri Member ally
Nightgazer of the Shadowholds Member Head Wizard
Prospero River Swiftblade Member
Raven A. Lightshadow nav'Nox of Clan Lovebites Member Head Scout
Rhia Member
Wild Hyacinth Member