Cohors Praetoria - XIII

Name: Cohors Praetoria - XIII
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Also known as the Praetorians; the XIII is a highly competitive cross-game fighting club who participates mostly in Dagorhir, Belegarth and Amtgard. XIII is a diverse Fighting Company that has its founding in HFS and Amtgard. Most members are true cross game players and will play any similar style game including participation with the SCA Formally called Cohors Praetoria XIII, it is sometimes referred to as PG XIII, or the Praetorian Guard XIII.
History: The Praetorians Fighting Company was founded in the Celestial Kingdom by Squire Selene Falconbridge, Sir Randalf Falconbridge, and Squire Bael Silverflame in February of 2005. The company was reformed in 2006 at Spring War by Sir Augustus, Squire Bael Silverflame, Sir Darphius Chronus, Sir Gabriel P. Morley, Sir Nezzerin, with Sir Randalf Falconbridge, and Squire Selene Falconbridge re-added to the founding roster shortly after. In the year of 2011 the Praetorians reformed again, restructuring with Augustus, Darphius Chronus, and Gabriel P. Morley. Full history and member list can be found at the amtwiki site for this company.


Member Role Title
Gabriel P. Morley Member Officer
Lord Modox Bellore Member
Malikai Van Dragomir Member
Mythrallicus Member
Randalf Falconbridge Member
Ruby Red Member
Selene Falconbridge Member
Sir Athisdaine Montoya XVI Member