Name: Outsiders
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Our Creed: LOYALTY- We will never betray our own BROTHERHOOD- We are family and we always have each others backs no matter what DIGNITY- We hold respect for ourselves and others FIELD PROWESS- We have valor and bravery on field SILENCE- __________________________
History: Eldak Ricven and Lord Valiant Swordbreaker started out as 'Gaijin'(japanese for outsider) in Satsu, a WoTS (Way of The Sword) organization. With some Satsu members merging with Gaijin, they then started the park Crest Haven March 3, 2012. At Fury of the Northlands 2012, they kidnapped the Queen Miaka, teleporting her to Crest Haven. November 25, 2013 they helped start the park Noxterra, at which they currently play.


Member Role Title
Alton Ambrose Member Initiate
Aria Vixen Swordbreaker Captain Horseman of Famine
Jet Darklore Member Initiate
Kisan Bloodhowl Captain Horseman of War
Layla Member Initiate
Mouse Member Initiate
Osarrk Member One Point
Shadowric Swordbreaker Member One Point
Valiant Swordbreaker Captain Horseman of Conquest