Familia de Rosa et Gladius

Name: Familia de Rosa et Gladius
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: We are the Family of the Rose and the Sword. We are structured like a Roman Gladiatorial Ludis, or training school, but we operate as a House in the Principality of Westmarch. We value service, as symbolized by the rose, and excellence, as symbolized by the Sword. We recognize Excellence and Service as goals to be sought, ideals to be achieved and roads to be traveled. In our house Excellence generally means excellence in fighting, but practice and perfection in any areas of the arts and sciences can also be striving toward excellence. Service can be as simple as helping in the kitchen and as complex as holding office, but the important part for our philosophy is that while our members won’t spurn recognition for their efforts, neither will they seek it. Our structure is as follows Novicius: A warrior in training of the house. Tiro: A newer warrior, who has completed beginning instruction. Veterani: A regular member of the house that has fought at an Interkingdom event. Rudiarius: A former Veterani, who is no longer a member of the house. A Palus is a regular member of the family that has won a fighting tournament at the Duchy level or higher. Quartus Palus: The fourth stake of the family. Tertius Palus: The third stake of the family. Secundus Palus: The second stake of the family. Primus Palus: The first stake of the family. Doctore: A Doctore is a Gladiatorial trainer. Lanista: Is the owner and patriarch of the Ludis.
History: We were founded by Etah Landshark in the Principality of Westmarch, in September 2012. Belias and Link were included in the school as Tiro and Novicius respectively.


Member Role Title
Belias Nuul Mora Member Tiro
Link of TR Member Novicius