House Silvermoon

Name: House Silvermoon
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: This group is dedicated to the Politics, Arts, and Sciences of Amtgard. This House uses the Green and Silver as a way of showing the envy others hold for us, and the shine we put on all things we do in Amtgard. Some may see a supposed fighting company in the colors this house uses, we do not mind them using our colors, and in fact, applaud them for having such great taste. However, this Group is not without its defenses. The members of this house do have fighting skills of their own and are not above the hiring of other people to do the "Tasks", they want to do. If you have come to this group seeking to employ services for eradicating enemies, please contact Sabriel Soulweaver
History: Formed - January 2006 By Aries Darkthame


Member Role Title
Adv. Teyrn Grr \'Two Belts\' Argson Member
Alexia (Lexi) Edana Member
Alisdair Member
Alu Master Member
Aries Darkthame Member
Armenoc Member
Atreides Member
Baron Elliot Teach Esq. Member
Baron Thalion Othar Lord House Smith
Baronet Lady Morgana Member
Baronet Luminaria Kamlyn Member
Baronet Rabbit AssHat Member
Bertrice Member
CarrotTop Member
Chris Tarus Member
Cognostic Shaddowalker Fyrebringer Member
Countess Silverleaf Nar'Thoniel Member
Cyrus Kain Member
Dacre Dubane Member
Gargha Fangbeard Member
Glutton Member
Grover Field Member
Ilya Member
Kento Member
Keyon Blackblade Member
Kiba Casanova Member
Lady Delphina Darkstorm Member
Lady Kya Kressh Member
Lady Momma Bear Member
Lady Pryia Yo Member
Lady Rune Brightblade Member
Lazarus Fog Member
Leafbeard Member
Lord Gale Ambrose Member
Lord Panikk Fyrebringer Member
Lord Thomas Doubting Member
Lord Tregod Galdrwrought, Justice of the Broken Lands Member
Marquis Godric T Ravenyard Member
Master Virexx Esq. Member
Nostarian Member
Purrdy Member
Pyro Ross Member
Rarzy Member
Riddle de Rat Member Silversmith- NW
Rin Member
Rondo Member
Sarani Member
Sin Infernal Member
Sir Poobah Nemoralis Member
Snuffle Member
Sonya Goldenhammer Member
sparrow Member
Spice Member
Squire Bann Sabriel Soulweaver, Lady and Master, All Mother of the Grim Garrison Member Silversmith - RW
Strife Member
Tenshi Member
Thorhalla Carlsdottir af Broberg Member
Troll Verde Member
Typhus Kerux Deimos Member
Ulvik Member
Wraith Member
Zale Member