Dog Soldiers of Cu Chulainn

Name: Dog Soldiers of Cu Chulainn
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The world of Amtgard, aflame in the heat of battle, was driving its self to the point of political and physical ruin. The four winds came together to discuss a solution to stop the destruction of the universe. Devising a plan the four winds drew their powers together in a tapestry of magic and dream, tearing a hole in the vale of the multi-planar universe, searching for the the strongest warriors of the planes. Of the fiercest warriors, only two stood above all others. Hailing from the emerald isles, CuChullainn, who stood in the face of many, and stalwartly defended his home through the ages, in a fury of blood-lust holding his vigil against countless foes from across the seas. On the other side of the seas stood Porcupine Bear. Gazing across from a post of his own, high in the grasslands beyond the mountains, he gathered together the sick, the weak, and the hopeless from across the lands of Little Rain. Despite disease and crippling losses, his band of warriors held the line against all enemies who would assault their homes and ravage their people. Instilling the highest of virtues and honor and selfless service, these two warriors brought together the greatest defenders from across time and space to form the DOG SOLDIERS OF CUCHULAINN. A force that holds the ideals of Honor, Respect, Loyalty, and Selfless Service as the foremost virtues of truth and life. Ever vigilant in their search for others, the Dog Soldiers ride forever and throughout the war-torn lands of Amtgard, looking for new members to join them in the fight for the defense of the peoples of Amtgard.
History: Formed: August 1st 2012 Originated: Darkmoon Colorado Springs, CO


Member Role Title
Ocewyn Member Hound
Ozzy Member Doberman (SGT at ARMS)