Dwarven Kingdom of Hammers Reign

Name: Dwarven Kingdom of Hammers Reign
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Welcome to the dwarven kingdom of Hammers Reign. Our clans were scattered after a long civil war followed by an invasion of orcs, thus scattering us throughout the realms of Amtgard. Each Amt kingdom is known as a Rinaed, or high clan, that is divided up into individual family clans. Each Rinaed is overseen by the Righ (chieftain). The kingdom is overseen by the council of Righ, which is overseen by the Ard Righ (high chieftain) who is elected every six months. The current, and first, Ard Righ is Thorge Badgerhart of Rinaed Ax Throne (Tal Dagore) whose wonderful idea this excursion began with. At this time, there are four Rinaed, Rinaed Ax Throne (Tal Dagore), Rinaed Forgehammer (Emerald Hills), and two Rinaeds that have yet to choose their names. (Rising Winds and Iron Mountains). We are currently at 26 dwarven cousins and more are found daily. We look forward to the day when all the dwarves of Hammers Reign are reunited under one banner. May your axes ever be sharp!
History: Formed in June of 2012 with five founding kingdoms of dwarves coming together under one banner.


Member Role Title
ArchDuke Sir Gaelin of Devenshire Member Righ
Argile Blackstone Member
Baern Stouthammer Member
Brocc Cathal Member Righ
Brodrin Fellhammer of Clan Badgerhart Member
Bromos Alestone Member Righ
Calaron Burrcode Member
Collin MacAbee Member
Count Thorge Badgerhart M.D. Member Ard Righ
Countess Erewen Badgerhart Member
Dair Silverbow Member
Docsi Member Righ
DX Deathwaker Member
Fox (Brower) Member
Gizmo Gremlinbane Member
Grand Duke Broton P. Locksalt Member
Grizzly Badgerhart Member
Hank Member
Jera of the Green Dawn Member Righ
Kevetor Xaris Member
Knome Lynder Member
Krothus Brokenhammer Member
Lady Squire Tamara MacAbee Member
Moldath Member
Regan emerald temperance songmender azkedelia saphira michael abbadon el treeablo engrexel lechgual Member
Sierra Silverbow Member
Theodoxus Thaxson Member
Thorgraum Member
Ursan Winterbarren Member
Viscount Baron Baronet Lord Sir Wat ThermoSprocket Member Righ
WyldStryke Member
yohan Member