Blue Moose

Name: Blue Moose
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Blue Moose Household is based primarily within the Kingdom of Neverwinter.
History: "Wicked horns of sharpened turq', crushing hoof, and azure eye. None can say they've seen a fiercer beast, but with a lie" -Blue Moose Lorekeeper The Blue Moose date back to 1997, from the Shire of Windstorm Woods in NW. The founding member - Bobo - often wore maroon sweat pants and a blue tunic. An avid Bullwinkle fan, Bobo's shield displayed a Bullwinkle outline. By 1999, a majority of the WW populace had formed The Blue Moose Fighting Company, which used Bobo's colors and device. The Blue Moose first unveiled itself to the Amtgard world at NW's Harvest Feast in October 1999. In the summer of 2002, the Company voted to officially convert to a Household in order to include more non-fighters, and to allow the more serious fighters to join the Triads (and later the Seraphim). The Blue Moose continues to be an active Household in NW.


Member Role Title
Bobo, Esquire Member
Cain Staruk Member
Enterich Member
Hermione Aboowhogod Member
Keldric Lenarus Member
Nemo Frogslayer the Shogun (Staruk) Member
Serenity Member
Shek Member
Sir Darian Staruk Member