House of the Healing Hands

Name: House of the Healing Hands
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: We are a group of medics throughout Goldenvale and the Northern Empire. Members who are a part of this group are those who volunteer their time as medical staff at events and on regular field. Need a medic for an event or even regular field? This is the place to find them. Each team member wears a belt with the heraldry on it which is the 6 sided star shape in red with a blue staff and snake with wings in the center. Each belt favor has the person's name on the bottom. We are always looking for more medics willing to help out. You must have the minimum first aid requirements to medic at amtgard.
History: The group started up in late 2009. The point of putting it together was to make it easier to find the medics when needed for amtgard. Each member is first qualified and over the years the house keeps growing. We started out with only 5 members and today in 2012 we have doubled our numbers.


Member Role Title
CC Extollere Member
Iphegenie Member
Katarina Member
Lacris Member
Lady Squire Anica Nightshade Member
Lord Hawkeye Lofold Member
Reigh M'Kale Member
Shadowblade Member
Shift Member
Telchar of House Vosseler Member
Velidia Member