House Obsidyn

Name: House Obsidyn
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Reformed House Obsidyn to a more structured view for my knightly family. So we can help each other in helping the game and local groups as a whole. My knightly family views the promotion of a belt as a celebration. *When a Knight of my family takes someone as a Man at Arms, everyone of the family gathers around and welcomes them to the family in there own way. *When a Knight of the family feels it is time for a MaA to be promoted to Squire that said MaA goes through his Squire Trials at an event. **What a Squire's trials entails One on One Combat challenger picks weapons combinations,and the first challenger is always the last promoted squire of that knight or if its the first promoted squire going through there trials its then the last promoted squire of the family. The first 20 minutes of the trial is reserved for the named above squire brother. After which any would be challenger may step up to challenge in fair combat. These trials can only be stopped by his/her knight. And at which time said knight choses to conclude the trials will then place there squires belt around there waist and engage them in there first battle as a squire.
History: Reformed under Squire Sho Obsidyn whom has a very healthy knightly family under him. Originally the Household was strictly about Service to the club. Now its more about bringing a legacy to NW amtgard based around White,Red,Black,and Yellow belts and bringing a family closer together.


Member Role Title
Anberon Nole Member MaA
Baronet Hated Holydragon Member MaA
Ben the Destroyer Member MaA
Cole Caecus Member MaA
Damian (DogBoy) Member Sir
Downfall Member Sir
Hrothgar Anvilhand Member MaA
Jackal Member MaA
Kayna Member Page
Lalailom Risteska Member Squire
MonkeyMan Member MaA
Obi Member Page
Odin Member Squire
Peehs Amnos the Unscrupulous Member MaA
Penguin Member Page
Sho Obsidyn Member
Sir Gabrial Soulstealer Darkjester Member Sir
Sir Tirgal Member Squire
Turtle Member Squire
Twixter Member MaA