War Dragons

Name: War Dragons
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The War Dragons are a company dedicated to excellence in combat both in duels and tournaments and single combat as well as in large scale wars. We practice with heavier weapons than most and focus on personal and unit skills and tactics. Many of our number have aspirations of becoming Knights of the Sword and coming up with new and unusual tactics, weapons and combat techniques.
History: The War Dragons formed when Caim Bloodwyrm, Dovahn Titanhammer and Elys Archain decided to form a company so that they may fight together. Since the founding of the company it has both grown and faced numerous setbacks but has never lost its drive to succeed.


Member Role Title
Arathamus D\'Bois Member Lieutenant
Asger Member Sergeant
Caim Bloodwyrm Captain Captain
Cassus Anima Member Soldier/Dragon
Cobalt Phix Member Soldier/Dragon
Dovahn weilder of the Titan Hammer Member Soldier/Dragon
Enyoch Member Soldier/Dragon
Kita Northernmaw Member Soldier/Dragon
Lowell Dufresne Member Soldier/Dragon
Mama Kass Member Soldier/Dragon
Mathias Archain Member Soldier/Dragon
Mogen Wym Member Recruit/Wyrmling
Raylie Silverrose Member Soldier/Dragon
Shadow Doll Archain Member Soldier/Dragon
Trypano Phix Member Soldier/Dragon