The Association of Otaku

Name: The Association of Otaku
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House T.A.O. is a household within the Amtgard Community, that consists of fans of Anime and Manga. Everyone is encouraged to post their favorite Anime or Manga so that other members can have a chance to see if they would like it too!
History: Formed on May 23rd 2014 by Kazon Ras Ironfist of Dark Oasis and Zsadist Nightshade of Nine Willows.


Member Role Title
Auna Member
Calliandra Ember Member
Kazon Ras Ironfist Lord Lord Otaku
Louie Member
Raegar Bearskull Member
Sin Ironfist Member
Sir Orgasmatron the Climaxius Member
Soma Shiokaze Member
Xul Rahl Ironfist Member
Zsadist Nightshade Lord Lady Otaku