Jackal Company

Name: Jackal Company
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Our fighting company is dedicated to improvement, be it in martial prowess, armoring, garbing, or statesmanship. We are dedicated to having a good time and improving the Parks that we are in to the best of our ability.
History: We are a fighting company formed in December of 2011, in what was the Barony of the Ivory Tower, under the Principality of Rivermoor. 1st Order of the Flame, given by Baron Goose, and Regent Silvia, Barony of the Ivory Tower - October 2012 2nd Order of the Flame, given by Prince Etiene, and Regent Kite, Principality of Rivermoor - April 2013


Member Role Title
Aera Moose Leyric Member Jackal
Andile Member Jackal
Anwe Member Jackal
Aust Nailo Member Jackal
Autumn Lord Commander
Barabas Lord Jackal MAJOR
Barry Member Prospect
Emrys Laetifica Lord Prospect
Fallaryn Member Jackal
Halfdan of IT Member PROSPECT
Ivar Ormarsson Member Jackal
Matosai Hiromashi Sakura Lord re-prospect
Oliver Deathtar Member Jackal
Radzok Ataxia Member
Roken Von Clydeson Lord Jackal
Rowan Drwg Faol Lord Jackal
Schpittz Member Jackal
Siddhartha Member Jackal
Sticktator Cycla Member Jackal MAJOR
Thistle Wulfsbane Member northern Prospect
Thoror Earthenge Member NORTHERN PROSPECT
Tlillwin Kisubo Member Jackal
Wilheim Stryker Member Jackal (MFA)
Zhao Squall Lord Jackal (MIA)