Nocte Vivat

Name: Nocte Vivat
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Unknown to the darkness, and unwelcome in the light, those who thrive in dusk and shadows come together to bring greater meaning to what they do. The intentions of Nocte Vivat follow thus: 1]Spread the word about Amtgard 2]Kingdom for Dreadmoor 3]Razorhills as the park where the best start Long Live The Night!
History: Formed Ides Janus, 13 Baktun (15 January, 2012).


Member Role Title
Antlers Rook Member Dusk
Crimson Newt Tanis Wolfsong Bear Blade Member Mǎtrǎgunǎ
Dansari de Inferno Member Member in exile; Kill On Sight
Dragonfly Member Mǎtrǎgunǎ
Iron Hoof Member Mǎtrǎgunǎ
Pandora Corvus Member Mǎtrǎgunǎ