HMS Turtle's Revenge

Name: HMS Turtle's Revenge
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Crew of the HMS Turtle's Revenge is a skyship of pirates in the northern reaches of the Emerald Hills. The "Revenge" makes berth in the new shire of Pirate's Landing, located in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, Kingdom of the Emerald Hills, Confederacy of Dreadmoor. This ship is a role play and service house. "Prepare to be boarded!"


Member Role Title
Cervantes (Smiley) SpiritPaw Ironfist Member Ship's Chaplain
Chops Morgan Member Master Gunner
Dair Silverbow Member First Mate
Docsi Member Captain
Fox (Brower) Member cabin boy/girl
Gizmo Gremlinbane Member Gremlin of the Boo Box
Guru Member pirate
Hank Member pirate
Kether Twinwolf, Esquire Member Boatswain
Lynn Member Powdermonkey
Nykon of Ravencroft Member Crow's Nest Lookout
Reddrick Member pirate
Savage (Under 8) Member cabin boy/girl
Sierra Silverbow Member Bosun
Stump Wildz Member Quartermaster
TigerHawke Member Navigator
Tuam al Culain Member Chief of Marines
Zelodie (the Saytr Queen) Member Sailmaster