Order of the Silver Stag

Name: Order of the Silver Stag
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Silver Stags aspire to be competitive in whatever arena captures their interest. Fighting, A&S, being leaders, or any other aspect in which one can excel in Amtgard.


Member Role Title
Baron Thrahg Bjornson Member
Dame Siobhan Uaine Dragon Member
Dias Flac Member
Dulin Dae Member
Eleniel Bjornsdottir Member Captain
Henry Greatwing de Mercades Member
Homer Member
Ika Bjornson Member
Lord Brod Spellsword Member Fawn
Nerini Member
Paracellus Member
Prada Member Quartermaster
Sir Marcus Bjornson the Inevitable Member
Solomon Wade Member
Syr Katae, Maker of Things Member Lieutenant of Crafts
Toda Bjornson Member
Tungdil Bjornson Member
Ursius Member Lieutenant of Fighting