Viking Camp!

Name: Viking Camp!
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: A viking based company, Viking Camp! is a place for those who are interested in team oriented combat and pushing their garb to the next level, all in a family-like enviroment. The company relies on the strength of the group, and not on the individual. Viking Camp! has no colors, their uniform being period appropriate garb from the Vendel's through the Norman's.
History: Viking Camp was formed by Kyrnn Wolfsbane in the summer of 2011 because he was tired of crappy garb and wanted to gather together people like him who wanted to push the envelope of garb and unit oriented fighting.


Member Role Title
BloodHoof Member Fri-hal
Frohln Member Sverd
Kyrnn Wolfsbane Captain Jarl
Pierre (De Stormin Norman) Member Thrall
Sarc Member Skjöldur
Ulfvarr Olavson Thunderblood Member Fri-hal
Wolf Member Thrall