Wardens of Shadow's Light

Name: Wardens of Shadow's Light
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Wardens of Shadow's Light is an order that has no true loyalty to one kingdom and has our own agendas.
History: 100 years ago the world was in chaos because of a great evil Wyrm, Sarvic The Death Feaster, and his corrupted followers. Mighty kingdoms fell to Sarvic's wrath and the people of the world were suffering in his shadow. Then when all hope seem to be lost, a light came from the shadows. The Wardens step out, barbarains and kings. Man, Dwarves, Elves and other races from different walks of life came to fight a common foe. The Wardens fought bravely and slayed the evil wyrm, but the beast soul still lived on in another plain of existence. So for 100 years The Wardens of Shadow's Light stay vigil to make sure Sarvic's follows do not resurrect him more powerful then before.


Member Role Title
Alastor Teryn Member Veteran (Serpent Eater)
Arianna Maksima (Ari) Member Private (Serpent Eater)
Ivory Member Corporal (Serpent Eater)
Jaeger Member Private (Serpent Eater)
Lord Skaren Blodhrafn Lord Harbinger/Wolf Lord of the Serpent Eaters
Mangus Blodhrafn Member Veteran (Serpent Eater)
Parssus Member Private (Serpent Eater)
Reckoning Member Private (Serpent Eater)
Rougan Aoshima Captain Warden Commander of Wolfheim (Serpent Eater)
Zero Ravencroft Member Corporal (Serpent Eater)