Name: Justicars
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Formed in 2000 by Sir Logan T. Black, Sir Sparhawk Kingfisher, and Sir Rath, the Justicars are dedicated to becoming Amtgard's premier battlefield presence.
History: For members list see the Amtwiki http://amtwiki.net/amtwiki/index.php/Justicars Notable Events: 19 Oct 2019 - Banner Wars Champion Team


Member Role Title
Acha the Spicy Captain Logistics
Alaric Member
Alphonse de Oso Member
Andre Merick Member
Aodan FireStalker Member
Axident Member
Carric Shadowstalker Member
Corey Elric Marsel Captain Tactics
Eniad Norreh Member
Garrick Kershaw Lord ORK Admin
Granite Jeweleater Member
Gregor Mondane Member
Jordan Redhawk Captain Tactics
Kestral of Redhawk Member
Kevetor Xaris Member
Kodi Redhawk Member
Korlys Darksabre Redhawk Member
Larin Moonstar Member
Logan T. Black Member
Magnus Heartseeker Member
Pj Member
Psycho Stephen Member
Rath Member
Sayrus Member
Sparhawk Kingfisher Member
Vandrith Ahnwyer Member
WereBear Member
Zacorius Member