Stark Armory

Name: Stark Armory
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: A house dedicated to the mastery of creation of weapons and armor. Along with this knowlege comes the desire to share and teach others to build better weapons and armor.
History: Unofficially, the Stark Armory started at the home of William Stark. In his home a band of friends would gather to create weapons. New builds were brought forth, ideas tested, and old builds improved on. Eventually William would bring all the loander weapons to the park each week. Officially, The Stark Armory was formed when an event the Desert Rose was hosting needed a prize (Dragon Blade Wars III). Several local armorers banded together to create a chainmail vest to be raffeled off at the event. All those that were committed to this task were invited in to the Armory. Since the birth of the current Armory, members are admitted on intrest and skill at making: armor, weapons, and shields. This intrest must also extend to the willingness to share ideas with others and try new things to make safer more effient weapons and better quality armor. The Armory would like all to remember it's deeds both in service and in jest. Once, William created an amtgard legal can opener used on the local armor pig. Two years an a row, the Armory was responsible for donating hand made chainmail to Dragon Blade Wars. The armor donated for Dragon Blade Wars IV contains an inlay of the Dragon Blade Mercenaries fighting company Heraldry. Hopeful armorers should be committed to quality and service to their respective parks.


Member Role Title
Akoto Jyakku Member Apprentice
MaA Drakon Rosenkrantz Member Apprentice
Marquise Master Squire Elsa Von Liechtenstien Member Apprentice
Pyro Appareo Member Apprentice
Sir Duffer Cole Member Journeyman
William Stark Member Expert