Golden Dragons of Rising Winds

Name: Golden Dragons of Rising Winds
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: This group consists of the Lord, (Daimyo), and members of and consultants to, the House Golden Dragon, and The Red Knives. We are a non-profit/live action/role playing group of the medevil era theme. This fighting order is based in the ancient Japanese culture, although there may be non-Japanese members, (Think SHOGUN).
History: Hidi Toshinaga first formed this group as a household in 2003. During this time, he spent his time forming alliances and making friends, as well as spreading knowledge of everything from history to good drink. Hidi passed away in August 2004 due to Cancer.


Member Role Title
Dugal O'Bannon Member
Edorias Member Damiyo
Fallon O'Bannon Member
Jacob O'Bannon Member
Julian Member
Lady Serina Dragonsong O'Bannon Member
Maeldrew Oakdragon Member
Marcus Reign Member
Rakhir Member
xeno Member