Team Roleplay

Name: Team Roleplay
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Our Mission -- to be personally responsible for roleplay. We seek to create a nurturing environment through teaching, playing and networking with other like-minded individuals. Our philosophy is that in roleplay, a good story is more important than competition. We favor plot points and free-form roleplay over scripts. And we believe that the best way to encourage others to join in on roleplay is through setting the example.


Member Role Title
Aster the Monstrous Member
Bagel Member
Baroness Celwyn Captain Facilitator
Baroness Melisandra Moirai Member
Commodore Muirin Member
Dame Ari Thundertounge Member
Dolo Nightchilde Member
Eliessi Elithrandil Member
Hearthseer Leo Lightbringer Member
Kiloson Member
Lord Chaos Member
Lord Rellik Esquire Member
Lord Squire Hunteil Member
Man at Arms Oreius Ludisfane Member
Nimeria Member
Nsia La Rin Member
Rhage Member
Riken Eclipse Member
Roak Vaerdos Member
Rose Bloodsong Member
Squire Baron Marius Mericles Member
Squire Nazira Al Badiyah Reeh Member
Thunc Member
TikTik Member
Ursa Burdenkeeper Member