Name: Wheel
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: A Fighting Company in Dragonspine dedicated to bettering themselves and Dragonspine.
History: Organized sometime in early 2002, both Anatole and Finnegin expressed a serious dis-satisfaction in DS fighting. Around the same time Sir Cheshire declared a desire to form a new company having something to do with bears and camouflage. Anatole and Finn immediately jumped into the idea leaving both companies they formerly associated with. Shortly after however, Cheshire had to move, leaving the fledgling company to Anatole and Finn. But, in 2003 after a massive amount of brain storming, Wheel was born. The philosophy behind the company being one of change, progression, and constant improvement.


Member Role Title
Anatole Stroke Member Wheel I
Aqua Member Wheel XIX
Azrael-Jade Longwalker Stroke Member Wheel XV
Bai Hu Andalsa Prime Stroke Member Wheel XVIII
Balder Lance Stroke Member Wheel XVI
Geoffrey Finnegin de Antwerp Bomba Member Wheel II
Glenalth Captain Wheel VII
Glenn Member Wheel X
Ilmryn Gnome Stroke III Member Wheel V
Jester Ninetoes Member Wheel IX
Morpheus Stroke Member Wheel XX
Phywren Member Wheel VIII
Relkhor Member Wheel XI
Ryshad FireClaw Stroke Member Wheel XIII
Sain Ironhand-Stroke Member Wheel XIV
Tiwaz Gustav Ormandson Member Wheel XII
Varkalld Skarson Member Spoke
Warlord Belthil Member Wheel XVII
Xion Member Wheel VI
Zoah Saber_Stroke Member Wheel IV