Bovine Society

Name: Bovine Society
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Bovine Society is a fellowship of individuals dedicated to the philosophy "it's the people that make the game great" (as found in the first pages of the rule book). Essentially we are the un official booster club of Amtgard. We make loaner equipment and sashes, props for battlegames, and raise money for things to enhance the game experiance. Basically anyone and everyone who has signed a waiver is in the Bovine Society.
History: The Bovine Society was established in Hellig Brann in 2009. We have members in Hellig Brann (of course), Dragon Creek, Storm Haven, and Hermits Hold, totaling 33 named members. We take ordinary items and turn them into props for battlegames, use scrap materials to make loaner sashes, and do just about anything to enhance the game experiance. To date we have raised enough money to purchase two 5 gal. water jugs for the battlefield and events, a jugging field, a banner for Hellig Brann, and have sponsored people for events that may not have been able to attend otherwise. We have also made sashes for a land that was just starting out to help them provide for new comers. Any and all money raised by a member of the Bovine Society in a land stays in that land. Money from other lands can be pooled together for the greater good of Amtgard, but must have a majority vote of all members of that land to be approved. Anyone interested in becoming a named member of the Bovine Society, which allows you to have a say in what projects we work on and to receive e-mail updates, simply needs to send an e-ail request to Be The Bull


Member Role Title
Akilles Member
Ava Rieshya Member
Bjorn Greyheart Member
Blondy Member
Cheeto Member
Chunk Member
Domanic Member
Elden Graystar Member
Erock Member
Felix Armada Member
Flame Member
Grandma Member
Grim Dragonfist Member
Hashi Member
Helga Member
Honeysuckle Member
Kail Member
Kat Member
Kaz Banefire Member
Macayle Member
Mighty Mouse Member
Ratone Member
ravenour Member
Sapphira Member
Shyva Dra'gora Member
Soccera Member
Terran Krakenslayer Member
Theron Member
Tiquoya Member
TooMar Member
Troy Member
Wolf Member