Kurato Clan

Name: Kurato Clan
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Kurato Ski was founded for the idea of creating a new family from friends. We believe that everyone is equal and should be treated as such. We also believe that loyalty, honor, and courage are aspects that each one of us should always work on to attain a higher level of such. We are always looking for new initiates, or Kasar as we call them, to increase the potential and size of our family and as such we tend to grow rather close to one another. The Kurato Ski is not only an amtgard family, we depend on each other in the mundane world also. We welcome anyone to the group who wants to better themselves both in the mundane and amtgard worlds.
History: Kurato Clan was formed in December 2005. Major Accomplishments: We had a majority of the members belong to Kurato on the team who won the Gauntlet Tournament at Rakis 06, We placed in the Jugging Tournament at Rakis 06 and we also stole the Pirate flag at Chopstock 06. Placed second in the Principality of the Desert Winds Jugging tournanent at Salt Wars 07. Over the years some of our members have taken to the political aspects of Amtgard and as such those members have held high provincial positions, started new parks, revived older parks, held positions within kingdom/empire, and also BOD positons.


Member Role Title
Anna von Banana Member Kurato
anonymously insubstantial Member Kurato
Atreyu Member Ancient Kurato
Avis Featherstone (Bird) Member Kurato
Baronet Phica Heisenblade the Fox Member Kurato
Cammon Member Kurato
Chimyrus Member Ancient Kurato
Daxon Cyren Wraithsong Member Kasar
Delryn Relvis Member Kasar
Drekka Rune Member Kurato
Duke Sir Loup DeNoir Member Ancient Core Kurato/Marok
Duke Sir Neobrood Breeder Cassius Member Kurato
Everlast Member Kasar
Flytta Member Kasar
Garek Member Kurato
Gir Twinkletoes Member Kurato
Goglestofin Member Ancient Kurato/Sword
IKIYA Member Ancient Kurato
Kaz Member Ancient Kurato
Kiaro Member Kurato
Lady Crystal Member Kurato
Lady Ticono DeNoir Member Kurato
Lust Swordsinger Member Ancient Kurato
Marquess Sir Viadra Moonblade Member Kasar
Morbid Member Ancient Kurato
Nevik Member Kasar
Random Asian Dude Member Kurato
Rioko Member Ancient Kurato
Serf Farlore Member Ancient Kurato
Shadow (dr) Member Ancient Core Kurato/Sword
Tsintani Vacura Member Ancient Core Kurato
Turtle Member Kurato
Vardos Puddingbait Member Kurato
Woman-at-Arms Destin Member Ancient Kurato