Name: Dragonspur
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The House Dragonspur is a Household in the LARP game Amtgard with chapters located in the Barony of Riverstone and the Mystic Mountains The purpose of the House is the advancement of the quest and roleplay within Amtgard. The Mystic Mouuntain chapter also meets twice a week for table top gaming of all levels.
History: Formed: 2003


Member Role Title
Bardic Ershaw Member
Daggentear Malthazar Member
Dopplin Arothen Stormchaser Member
Evain Ellesidil Member
Jeremies Nehmith Member
Juib Cripplefoot Member
Lilith Member
Morningwind of Highdale Member Lady
Serin Hector Member
Strongdrake Nemoralis Member Lord