Name: Eclipse
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Eclipse is a fighting company based in the PNW.
History: The Fighting Company Eclipse was founded in 1998. Formed in Iron Keep by 5 friends, under the direction of Baron Enoch, Eclipse has been the backbone of Iron Keep since the millennium. Since then the company strives to better itself and encourages its members to excel in any or all of the areas of Amtgard they take a liking to. The sigil for Eclipse is a black field with a green occluded sun silhouette. Tempered by wisdom and madness we compel dread into the hearts of Monarch and peasant alike, unrivaled by any in Amtgard. \r\n\r\nTo those who say different, come to Iron Keep. We savor the challenge.


Member Role Title
Aristiri Skiiesdottir Member Elder
Baron Otis Shuralock Member Inactive Member
BlueRose Member Full Member
Chowder Member Inactive Member
Cole Caecus Member Full Eclipse
Dame Cetalia Member Full Eclipse
Dee Metria Member Full Eclipse
Drake Bloodblade Member Full Eclipse
Duran the Beast Shadowwalker Member Full Eclipse
Erg Member Elder
Gin Jero Member Inactive Member
Grand Duke Sir Theorem Nolis the Beard of Blackspire Member Council
Hawk Member Inactive Member
Het Feywalker Member Council
Jack Kingsmen Member Inactive Member
Jerago Brynjarrsen Member Full Eclipse
Kel Member Inactive Member
Kuldar DrakkZarr Member Friend of Eclipse
Kuro Kasai Member Inactive Member
Lord E Member Ghost of Eclipse
Lord Sej Member Full Member
Lord Squire Asinann Thex Member Council
Lorenzo Kingspade Member Inactive Member
Lunera the Sea Witch Member Full Eclipse
MarQ Member Full Eclipse
Meran Member Inactive Member
Merlot Lovell Member Full Eclipse
Nellie Member Full Eclipse
Nialo Blackwood Member Full Eclipse
Obi Member Inactive Member
Orava Dragneil Member Full Member
Orin Member Inactive Member
Orion Member Full Member
Pelt Member Friend of Eclipse
Penguin Member Council
Radegast Member Full Member
Rook Whitehallow Member Council
Rorin Ulfhednar Member Friend of Eclipse
Runesilver Dragon Member Council
Silvanar Member Inactive Member
Sir Brynjar Member Inactive Member
Sir Enoch Member Captain
Sir Jamus Stormbringer Member Inactive Member
Sir Lharche Or\'zuke Member Full Eclipse
Sir Tigerspaw / Xero Member Inactive Member
Sir Valerus Member Inactive Member
Sir Vaune Shadowglave Member Elder
Soular Faux Member Full Eclipse
Syr Ells Member Elder
Thornn Inthsid Kingsmen Member Inactive Member
Tiid Shadowglave Member Full Ecipse
Titan Member Inactive Member
Toad the pink Member Inactive Member
Zarroc Thalion Member Full Eclipse