House Falco Kurg

Name: House Falco Kurg
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: This house is based on a philosophy that Orders are not a necessary part of Amtgard, and is merely an option. Mission Statement: To give people a place to get out of the boxtop race-if it bothers them. Good Amtgarders some times leave because of their frustration with this system. Many of these people were beneficial to their groups but unfortunately left (and are still leaving) because of the drama and hierarchy orders can often cause. This house is not an attempt to discourage people from going the rout of orders, it is merely an alternative to it. ***The only rule of House Falco Kurg is that all members of Falco Kurg discard their Orders*** We do not believe in the boxtop system of acquiring a specific number of orders to attain a position in a fictional hierarchy. Our view is that the system does not benefit the game of Amtgard and is actually detrimental to parks. We do allow our members to keep their family belts. This is because a belt (Squires, Page and Man at Arms, Knights ect..) to us is a symbol of friendship between two members of Amtgard that had already been established prior to the creation of this house. We believe these bonds are beneficial to Amtgard. We are a new house that was created on June 9th of 2006. We accepts anyone from any Kingdom who shares the belief as House Falco Kurg. Articles:
History: House Falco Kurg's name originates from an Amtgarder in Wolven Fang. Kurg played for the love of the game, boosted moral at every turn, played hard and worked hard within Wolven Fang. Kurg turned down every Order ever given to him with the normal reaction of "Why the hell would I want this?" or "I don't want it, now how about we go hit the field". Sadly Kurg left the game a few years later when Wolven Fang became more and more like other Amtgard groups; members obsessed with collecting their box tops to reach a fictitious title. The fun had been taken out of it for him and we have not seen him since. This house is dedicated to Kurg's philosophy that Amtgard is better left without a system of hierarchy.


Member Role Title
Baronet Squire Greywind Member
Gradius Member
Maddog Member
Slick Johnny Member