Right to Bear Arms

Name: Right to Bear Arms
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: The Right to Bear Arms has maintained a militia force who've banded together for wars and quests numerous times. Their main focus is to have fun, demonstrate honor and respect, educating others about Amtgard ruleplay, and showing good sportmanship at all times. The head of the Household is Zoticus Das Bear-Bear, also known as Bear Chief. He has a history of fighting in both the United Kingdom and the United States. To become a member of the House of The Right to Bear Arms there's a list of rules. 1.)Must Serve in a Campaign (War or Quest) alongside the Right to Bear Arms. 2.)Swear Loyalty by speaking the motto, "We're at the Party! Where are you at?!" 3.)Chant in battle/war, the Tomahawk Chant. 4.)Only an officer (including Bear-Bear)can recruit/withdraw members from Right to Bear Arms with the concent of the head of the house: Zoticus Das Bear-Bear. Motto: We're at the Party! Where are you at?! Chant: Tomahawk Chant
History: The Right to Bear Arms house was established back in the Summer of 2009 when Bear-Bear responded online via www.caamtgard.com against the Nobles. This sparked a rebellion in Thor's Refuge, and inspired Grimbold to join and help Bear-Bear lead a peasant army against the Nobles from Thor's Refuge, Wavehaven, and Crimson Wood. The rebellion ended with the success of not only deafeating the nobles, but obtaining a large sum of wealth from raiding their caravans. This era was known as the Grim-Bear Revolution. The Right to Bear Arms banded together in the Battle of Houses Fall 2010. The mission consisted of siezing and defending a building for a period of time. It was barely won since three remaining members had continue to bold defense. The Battle of Goblins at Wyvern Spur: through the services of the Crimson Maurauders, Bear-Bear enlisted his the Right to Bear Arms to assist in locating and clearing the area of a Goblin mess. The result revealed a demonic creature that was killed after it claimed dozens of lives. Dungeon 2009: The Right to Bear Arms has sponsored the first ever Dungeon Themed event in all of Westmarch. This location consisted of hardened walls, traps, and plenty of treasure. Dungeon II 2010: The Right to Bear Arms sponsored another Dungeon Themed event with twice as many rooms as the last one. Of course there were puzzles for the treasure chests to opened. Dungeon III 2011: The Right to Bear Arms sponsored the event for the third time. This time consisting of three huge Dungeons in one. Treasure was also forwarded, and money was raised for Sir Monkey's child going through some medical treatment. Players were allowed to buy their levels that in exchange of their donations.


Member Role Title
Artemis WM Member
Collin MacAbee Member
Dagon Member
Fallon Darrens Member
Guyvas Member
Kalandra Mirdain Member
Lady Squire Tamara MacAbee Member
Link of TR Member
MAA Shadobi Bloodstone Member
Marathon Member
Myzeri Member
Porkins Member
Repel Member
Sir Euric Bloodstone Member
Sir Nakita Member
Squire Lord Gregor Notcakes Clegane Member
Tailon Hai Member
Volgar Silverwolve Member