Name: Einherjar
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Einherjar are the heroes who have died with great bravery on the battle fields. In the morning they are woken by the crowing of the cock Gullinkambi ("golden comb"). During the day they train and fight, until they cut each other to pieces. At night they feast at Odin's side and their wounds are miraculously healed. We are here to fight and have fun while not letting the drama giants get us down. We lead others for when we are needed and when we are we are there with a smile and a helping hand to all. Loyalty, honor and strength. These are the valuse we should value and work for.


Member Role Title
Aggro Member Soldier - ET
Baroness Kirkleen der Verlorenen Member Soldier- RN
Bremen Member Soldier - ET
Ceol Member Soldier - QT
Dallaran of Lands End Member Retired Member
Dame Nyrine Member Soldier - ET
Dark Hart Member Soldier - QT
Demi Member Soldier - TDV
Dragonna Amnell Member Inactive - QT
Eolis Member Petitioner - ET
Grand Duke Broton P. Locksalt Member Soldier - ET
Kadain Gerzone Member Petitioner - WG
Kismit Member Soldier - ET
Kumo Gatekeeper Member Soldier - ET
Lord Balian (Pitter) Dragonsbane Member Soldier - RN
Mhotep Member Village Chief - MoTD
Mittens Member Soldier - RN
Muse Member Village Chief - QT
Overlord Hamlet Porcus Member Scribe - DS
Overlord Lucky Member Soldier - RN
Overlord Strider Member Village Chief - RN
Rayhawk Helstaven Member Soldier - MotD
Roast Valravn Member War Chief
Robert Henderson Member Soldier - MoTD
Shaft Member Soldier - ET
Vault Tesla Member Village Chief - ET
WHOOP* Member Petitioner - MoTD