Darkjester, Harlequin

Name: Darkjester, Harlequin
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: House Harlequin is a group centered in Denver. The Harlequins are governed by the Triad: Kord, Sir Medryn, and Sir Talisin. Information on petitioning can be obtained by contacting Pledgemaster Kord.
History: The Harlequins (formerly known as the Harlequin-Darkjesters) was one of the houses resulting from the split up of the Darkjester Household in 2006 into smaller, more intimate family groups. Commonly referred to as the "Elitist Bastards" of the former DJs, the Harlquins decided to change the house name and formally disassociate from the Darkjesters at Rakis 2007.


Member Role Title
Casca Eruoy Member
Cullum Eyrewolf Valinor Member
Korderellin Member Triad
Kota K. Bloodmoore Member
Lady Rugrat Member
Medryn Member Triad
Moss Du Percheron Member
Owl Bonesteel Member
Phydeaux Member Petitioner
Raion No Nanako Member Petitioner
Serpentara Member
Squire SaiFu Member
Talisin Silverwolf Member Triad
Utopia Member
Zumat Member