Grey Warders

Name: Grey Warders
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: This company has officially been retired. The Grey Warders exist to be the dominant fighting company in the Illinois region and in time a force to be reckoned with inside the Kingdom of the Rising Winds. We are a small, adaptable fighting force, specializing in small-unit actions and rapid tactical response. It is a high standard to be sure, but it is one we maintain by being selective, steadfast, and decisive. Entry into the company is via petition (either we approach you or you approach us,) after which we require a 100% 'yes' vote by all Warders in order to join our ranks.
History: The Warders formed in the fall of 2005 using the Rangers of Babylon 5 as a guideline and with the motto "Go, Show, Do." Another guiding principle we use is that a fighting company that does not, at its core, exist to kill every thing on the field big enough to die isn't a fighting company at all. While the company reflects those values every time we hit the field, each of our members are accomplished servants of the society individually. Indeed no kingdom event goes by where members of the Warders are not in some way present in the background making the event fun for everyone. Months after our creation, we were honored by the Duchy of our birth with the Order of the Phoenix Flame (a local variant of the Order of the Flame) for saving the Duchy multiple times in times of crisis (both real and imagined.) While we have yet to achieve a major victory on the field, we are known as a fighting force that will not back down, will not surrender, and will always have a trick or two up our sleeves...


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