Guild of the Metal Spider

Name: Guild of the Metal Spider
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: “What is mine is mine and what is yours is mine.” Our goals are simple, to spread our web of lies, theft, and murder throughout Amtgard to the best of our ability.
History: Formed when Panderen started to play thief. Realizing that no one else plays the class he decided to form a "Thieves Guild" of sorts. Mayhem, theft, and more than a few murders/assassinations have ensued since.


Member Role Title
Amin Cael Member Skull Spider (Deathmaster)
Chimyrus Member Hatchling (Novice)
Daxon Cyren Wraithsong Member Adamantine Spider (Guild Lieutenant)
Demonia Weblings Member Silver Spider (Cutpurse)
Evan Traginoire del Khahli Eru Iluvatar von Darkjester Member Bronze Spider (Apprentice)
Isabella Traginoire Member Hatchling (Novice)
Kaz Member Adamantine Spider (Guild Lieutenant)
Lord Panderen Silverkin Member Mithral Spider (Guildmaster)
Marquise Master Squire Elsa Von Liechtenstien Member Bronze Spider (Apprentice)
Matthias O\'Lachon Member Iron Spider (Journeyman)
Mortikai Member Adamantine Spider (Guild Lieutenant)
Page Jalis Member Adamantine Spider (Guild Lieutenant)
Sir Duke Master Rico Boner Member Steel Spider (Sneak)
Tsintani Vacura Member Hatchling (Novice)
Wolfen Member Bronze Spider (Apprentice)