Ministers of Grace

Name: Ministers of Grace
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: A Household formed to combat growing apathy and slipping standards. Founded by Rand, Selene, Linden and Calidor; comprised of the folks who 'work for a living'. The Ministers do not often do things as a household but their members are seen individually in every area of the game, fighting the good fight.
History: Once a fighting company formed in the Celestial Kingdom, the Ministers have become a household so that their members could pursue other fighting groups.


Member Role Title
AJ Clioson Member
Bresil Etarlaim Member
Cobra Member
Dakkenly Member
Dame Alona Twotrees Tul Member
Defender Chango B. Dass Member
Duchess Sqr Abiliegh Cross Stormblade-Darkjester del Khahli Member
Gath Augustine Member
Impy The freebirdie Member
Itsari Tul Member Recruiter
Kentigern S'Rendi Member
Korderellin Member
Liam Fitzdonal Member
Linden Tul Captain Founder
Lodar Selzones Member
Marcus Aurelius Gaius Lucinius Cotta Asylus aka Nightrain Member
Nesta de'Ebonydaryth Member
Overlord Ravenos Kinslayer Member
Owen Smurf MacMhuirich Member
Petra (Ser) Member
Randalf Falconbridge Member Founder
Roslyn Tul Member
Selene Falconbridge Member Founder
Shelai Chorbayne Member
Sir Arthon of the Golden City Member
Sir Wolfbane Member
Soldan McManus Member
Sylvanista de'Ebonydaryth Member
TyeDye Member
Vincent Beche Tul Member
Viscount Baron Baronet Lord Sir Wat NeedsALastName Member
Ween Member
Yami Member