Cobra Kai Dojo

Name: Cobra Kai Dojo
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?\r\n\r\nQuicksilver method is perhaps most well known to outsiders, but only one of many styles practiced within the Cobra Kai dojo.\r\n \r\nGalpyeon Michyeosseo is taught by 4th Dan, Cruz.\r\nBudjigan Gabuny Dugal is taught by 5th Dan, Riddick\r\n\r\nYuen Siu-tien made his new home here in the U.S. and had been putting our students through the paces of the basics of Zuì Quán.\r\n\r\nThe Cobra Kai is neither a fighting company nor a household, it\'s a dojo.\r\n\r\nmembers include: \r\n\r\nGrendel Vetra Skald\r\nReign \r\nDouglas MacGregor \r\nEggman \r\nSponge \r\nRiddick \r\nCruz\r\nLeo\r\nZumat\r\nMoogie\r\n\r\nWhat do we study here? \r\nTHE WAY OF THE FIST SIR. \r\nAnd what is that way? \r\nSTRIKE FIRST. STRIKE HARD. NO MERCY SIR. \r\nI can\'t hear you. \r\nSTRIKE FIRST. STRIKE HARD. NO MERCY SIR.
History: The Cobra Kai dojo came about in mid 2005, founding member was Grendel,\r\nhe brought Reign, Eggman, Douglas, Sponge, and Riddick into the fold shortly thereafter.\r\nreceived the first of the mighty fine Cobra Kai dobak/gi\'s from Clalibus, these uniforms are sweet, no mercy. (May 2007)\r\nCruz was the newest member until Leo joined the fold (both in May 2007)\r\nZumat was initiated at Rakis 2007 (June 2007) with the new initiation ritual by sweeping Eggman\'s leg. (though we would have allowed him to grandfather in with a previous leg sweeping at Rakis)\r\nMoogie is the newest member, joined at Rakis (June 2007) she shows no mercy and swept Riddick\'s leg.\r\nClalibus swept Grendel at skbc 2008. \r\nLoki aka Josh from IMD entered the dojo 2009?


Member Role Title
Clalibus of Henceforth Member
Cruz of Hus Vetra Skald Member
Douglas Member
Eggman Member
Grendel Vetra Skald Member
Leo Member
Moogie Morrigan Member
Reign Member
Riddick Member
Zumat Member