House O' Hare

Name: House O' Hare
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: We are dedicated to the lighter side of Amtgard and having a good time. We dont take ourselves too seriously and like to pet the Pelt. While we enjoy berevity, we try to make the game a better place. We will sponsor meals at events, easter events and number of things to make the game more fun and a better thing.
History: It all started with a desire to play the "white rabbit" for Easter. I made a white suit, couldn't find a rabbit head. Finaly purchased a bunny and severed its head to make the hat and played the monster. This headless corpse sat on my monitor for months. Finaly decided to make my infamous bunny shield cover. The scraps have become belt favors for this House. In theory this House could spread like breeding rabbits.


Member Role Title
Baronet Akin Member
Baronet Rayne Member
Count Sir Loptr Member Holder of the Pelt
Evan Traginoire del Khahli Eru Iluvatar von Darkjester Member
Lady Saint Ebony, Esquire Member
Lillywinks Member
Lord Maximus Brand Member
Lord Squire Father Darby O'Malley Member
Mardigan Member
Marquis Garlon Retjick the Nose Member
Marquise Master Squire Elsa Von Liechtenstien Member
Sajarin Wynsteel Member