Battlecraze, House

Name: Battlecraze, House
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: You can stand tall without standing on someone. You can be a victor without having victims. Honor, integrity, and service. These are the cornerstones of House Battlecraze. Members of House Battlecraze strive to live the dream that is Amtgard within the House Battlecraze cornerstones. We strive to wear garb that the household will be proud of, this helps solidify the dream. We fight with honor on the battlefield, better to take a death than have questionable honor. We strive to be of service to the dream, be it in mundania, Amtgard wide, Kingdom, or park level. We are ready to assist in and partake of educational pursuits, be it combat, service, or culturals. We believe that a well rounded Amtgardian is a better Amtgardian, culture and character are as vital as combat, and vice versa. House Battlecraze is populated through invitation, and these are extended only after much thought and observation. We strive to uphold a standard, and expect no less from house members.
History: The Master and Mistress of the house are missing. Where will they appear? What will they bring? What changes will be wrought?


Member Role Title
Cloud Member
Dailyn Member
Garm Battlecraze Member Lord of the House
Ghosttiger Member
Kether Twinwolf, Esquire Member
Munchkin C Midget Member
Myth Member
Nando Member
Orchid Noir Battlecraze Member Mistress of the House
Rhyn Member
Sahrial Khezial Member
Saphira Member
TigerHawke Member