Sons of Thunder

Name: Sons of Thunder
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Sons of Thunder is a fighting company based out of the Kingdom of Westmarch. We look for honor in combat, strong leadership skills, and a willingness to assist others. We were founded in the Shire of Diablo's Cauldron in 2011 and have grown into one of the notable fighting companies in Westmarch.
History: The fighting company was formed by Caliban along with the help of Aries and Texas in the spring of 2011. They recruited a few other fighters from the shire of Diablo's Cauldron and worked to establish themselves as a legitimate fighting company. They experienced a drop in members during 2012, with about half of their members quitting amtgard due to personal reasons, but they saw another period of growth in 2013 when Diablo's Cauldron merged with the Shire of Aureus Saltus. Now based out of the quickly growing shire of Aureus Saltus, Sons of Thunder continue to be strong leaders and strive to prove themselves on the battlefield. They are always looking for new members to continue their traditions of honor, leadership, and loyalty.


Member Role Title
Aries \'The Mad\' Trucido Member
Lord Paragon Caliban Acklie Captain Founder
Lord Paragon Fayt Horizon Member Pledge
Lord Slain Valkin Member
Orcrin 'Toasty' Valkin Member
Remus Ventanus Member
T.A.S.K. Member
Texas Member Inactive