Blood Company

Name: Blood Company
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: Blood Company is a fighting A&S company. we create and teach in the lands of the principality of Northreach. we are based out of the Shire of Ravenstone. we have leather workers, seamstress's even blacksmiths of all kinds. we welcome the opportunity to teach at anytime as well as help at every turn.
History: We started as the first Company of the now Duchy then Shire of Lupine Moon. we went off the grid for 3 years and came back strong to reside in shire Ravenstone under the leadership Of Rage of Fires Birth and now continue under the leader ship of Kyra of Fires Birth. being the first Company in Ravestone to earn it's order of the Flame.


Member Role Title
Hobbit Brood of the Wyrm Member
Kyra of Fires Birth Captain
Magda Bathory Member
Oz the Dirty Trickster Member
Phamon Member
Rage of Fires Birth