Name: Freelancer
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Freelancers are an Amtgard company formed with the aspiration of fighting with honor, glory, and self-preservation. What we have done instead is argue about what color that maroonish, purplish somewhat plum color that Tiberius ordered for our belts should be called. We will never shut up about our first-and so far only-field victory on a raid when the rest of Steel River sent the Freelancers in as the first wave with full intent that we would be slaughtered in order to warm up the opposition. Amazingly, we prevailed, leaving the Sable Drakes and the Wandering Stars standing there with a puzzled look on their faces. So Dirk and Nykon killed us all just for the fun of it.
History: The Freelancers were formed in approximately September 2010 by Gaston d'Avignon de Lyon (also known as he whose name is usually misspelled), Ivan (the not quite so Terrible as Ivan the Terrible) and Kervallghn, who has not been heard from since. Gaston and Ivan recruited some very new Amtgarders who had no idea what they were getting into. We brought great food for the feasts, and scored a surprising upset in the Battle of Trails End, described above. We nearly wet ourselves at the Battle of Badon Hill. (that's an allusion, not mere plagiarism). We have spread throughout the kingdoms wreaking destruction and waste in our wake, which is why we were arrested for littering. We slayed the deadly ogre of Illheart, defeated the mystic dragon of Erd, braved the mansion of Garnitstaal, and had many other glorious victories in table-top games.


Member Role Title
Alexius Risingwind Member Lancer
Alona Draconus Member Lancer
friend o' windee Member Styx
Gaston Member Lancer
Ivan The Terrible Member Lancer
Kervaullghn Member Lancer
Leonard Member Styx
Ovidius Ivlianus Member Lancer
Sig Member Styx
Tiberius Draconus Member Head Lance